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here’s an idea: people shouldn’t actually have to have a job to be allowed to remain alive

So other people should work to provide things so you don’t have to? Someone has to work in order for things to get done whether it’s growing food or running blogging websites. This is the most childish mentality I have ever seen. Lack of awareness galore. You have to work whether it’s to sustain life or have things you want. You are not owed anything

Before you can understand why I posted that, you need to understand my perspective on what work is.

What we constitute as work is warped and melted into a 9-5 work day 40+ week and some of the jobs that people have are useless.

The stock market in itself is one, hedge funds are another, etc. There are job positions that exist because of the financial system currently in place. There are literally people who are paid six figures to PREDICT stock cycles. I know a couple of people who does this sort of work on Wall Street, in which they put in 6-8 actual hours of work a week and make 100-120k. This job doesn’t serve the people’s needs.

To me, that is nonsensical. It only serves those who have the monetary accumulation to necessitate that sort of job’s existence, which is used in turn to further plumps the coffers of those who already have their pockets stuffed.

You know? there are small self sustainable communities in the US in which people work jobs for the community and they are based upon the basic necessities of the residents. The residents are organized and assigned work in shifts that for around their needs, and each contribute what they are able. THIS is the sort of organization that would be useful for a society that serves the peoples needs.

If we broke down what a society requires to function: as examples, farming, schools, sanitation, metal works, medical facilities, water and other utility managements, carpentry, engineering, textiles, food distribution, etc and divided that work among all workers in the country (which would amount to millions of contributors), 40+ work weeks wouldn’t be necessary. As a matter of fact, people would be freer to pursue passions.

The reason why people work 40+ is because of the exploitative relationship between worker and employer. The employer will try to wring what profit they can from the worker’s labor, and the worker isn’t paid the full value of their labor; the employer takes a larger percentage of that pay as profit. What we see as a job’s use value in society is very disproportionate..

Now with that in mind, re: your claim of “childishness”:

To deny ones right to live is inhumane. There are elderly people, disabled people, etc, people who are laid off/unemployed who are on welfare programs etc. Job markets and opportunities are shrinking. Should we deny them their right to live? Human life is sacred.

Every individual can contribute to society without conforming to your idea of “work”. I don’t think it fair to connect a persons right to live and their jobs.

I think peoples’ lives shouldn’t even be up for debate at all.

I understand you’re saying that work is needed in order to produce the consumables and/or products needed to maintain our lifestyles. I agree that we need carpenters, doctors, farmers, electricians and plumbers etc in this society to keep it from sinking. Yes I agree people should work; But we need to redefine what Americans are conditioned to think work is and sever that from judging whether a human has a right to live or not.

To call it childish without even attempting to analyze the conditions in which caused me to reblog it is premature.

Instead of insulting someone and claiming it to be childish, why not just message me and ask, “what makes you think that?” Debating about topics is useful. People can and will interpret things differently as we, clearly, did.

Have a good day.

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i never started smoking because my father’s teeth
are stained yellow-orange and there is a persistent crow
living in his chest which
constantly rattles its feathers whenever he tries
to speak

i was always cautious about drinking because my mother’s uncle
died with his liver shouting for revenge
as his body coded on a hospital bed
so i space out the times i take shots and i don’t give in
if it’s not a weekend and i keep bottles away from me

but i loved you

and of every addiction i’ve ever had
this one is killing me.

By I still love him but he moved on, maybe I should move on too.” // r.i.d

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timothy olyphant could totally play an older version on sam on the show 

i mean



like someone call cw right now

and Karl Urban could play an older Cas



holy shit please

if i don’t get karl urban on the mothfer fucking show i will scream dammit!


that means Jeremy Renner could play an older Dean

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